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  • 吉福思總裁藍福生入選2020年澳中創業創新杰出校友獎名單


    This week, we are announcing the finalists of PwC YouPlus - 2020 Australia China Alumni Award for Enterpreneurship and Innovation.

    本周,我們將為大家揭曉澳中創業與創新杰出校友獎(由普華永道You Plus 特訓計劃贊助)的入圍者名單。


    This award recognises alumni who have demonstrated their entrepreneurial and/or innovative abilities in any industry sector.

    Nominees can be the owner of, partner in, or investor in an innovative and forward-looking company, or they may have implemented successful entrepreneurial programs in a large company. All nominees should be able to show their creativity, resourcefulness and sustainability, as well as how their work has benefitted wider society.

    This year, five outstanding candidates have been shortlisted:

    今年, 這個獎項有5位入圍者,他們分別是:

    Katherine Chen
    Founder & Partner of Laurel International Pty Ltd
    La Trobe University Alumna

    Hongmei Chen is the founder and partner of Laurel International. As one of the first batch of college students in China, I have held executive level positions in foreign companies and listed companies in the 1990s. I obtained an Australian MBA degree in 2003 and founded Laurel International in 2004. After that, to help the development of overseas Chinese, I founded the Invest Australia Association and the 1818 Club. In 2013, I was awarded the "Outstanding Chinese Business Elite Award" by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. I have been actively participating in and launching philanthropy activities, including the Monash University GIG Scholarship Program, sponsoring the Diabetes Research Team of Monash University, sponsoring the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, establishing the Invest Australia scholarship program, and supporting the epidemic affected areas.
    陳紅梅,是桂冠國際創始人、合伙人。作為中國最早幾批大學生之一,90年代已在外企和上市公司擔任要職。2003年獲得澳洲MBA文憑,并于2004年創辦桂冠國際集團,之后更是關心海外華人發展而創辦創業澳洲協會和1818俱樂部。2013年被授予由當時總理陸克文頒發的 “杰出華裔商業精英獎” 。并且一直積極參與、發起慈善活動,包括莫納什大學GIG獎學金計劃,贊助莫納什大學糖尿病研究團隊,贊助墨爾本交響樂團MSO,創辦創業澳洲獎學金項目,支援災區等。

    Mr Fusheng Lan
    Co-Founder, CEO and Director
    Guilin GFS Monk Fruit Corp
    La Trobe University Alumnus

    Mr Fusheng Lan is the founder of Guilin GFS Monk Fruit Corporation and Guilin Dadi Biotech. Co., Ltd., and he is also the director of the board, CEO, legal representative, chief technology officer of these two companies. He has been serving as visiting professor and master's tutor in 6 universities. He has been presiding or participated 46 national, provincial and municipal R&D projects and achieved 43 R&D achievements; he has published 57 scientific papers; he has also obtained 3 authorized Chinese invention patents and 22 international invention patents. He has received 33 honors at the national, provincial and ministerial levels in China. Under Mr. Lan Fusheng’s leadership, Guilin GFS Monk Fruit Corporation has won 62 awards and honors at the national, provincial and ministerial levels in China.

    Jeffrey Tang
    CEO/ Director of Asia, Hemp Australia Pty Ltd
    Non-Executive & Head of Asia, Botanic Wellness Limited
    University of New South Wales Alumnus

    Jeffrey Tang is an INDUSTRIAL HEMP ENTREPRENEUR and LEGITIMATECANNABIS PIONEER since 2013 with a particular focus on Australasian Relations and Opportunities.
    He is the CEO and Founder of Hemp Australia Pty Ltd. He is also the Non-Executive Director and Head of Asia for Botanic Wellness Limited.
    At a time when the merits of hemp to humankind and the environment had long been forgotten, and even demonised by society (alongside its marijuana cousin), Jeffrey has overcome the criticism of many people, especially his Chinese peers to emerge as an active/dedicated proponent/supporter/promoter of the cannabis industry.
    Today, as one of a select few people in the hemp industry with a Chinese background, Jeffrey continues to bridge relations between the Australian and Chinese hemp industries, and the wider international community to facilitate hemp education and innovation, (international) academic exchange and quality hemp projects. As well, he is a start-up venture capital investor and is skilled in negotiation, business planning and development, investor relations, international business, and global sourcing.
    Jeffrey believes that the cannabis industry is unique like no other with the potential and power to change, and save the planet. His goal and vision is to raise awareness of this complex and fast-growing industry, and to develop healthy, high quality and environmentally sustainable hemp/cannabis products to benefit society whilst protecting our precious, fragile planet at such a critical time.
    Jeffrey Tang 自 2013 年以來一直是工業大麻和合法大麻產業的企業家先鋒,尤其專注于澳大利亞和亞太工業大麻行業的發展和契機。他是漢麻澳洲(Hemp Australia)的 創始人和首席執行官,也是 Botanic Wellness Limited 的非執行董事兼亞洲負責人。在人們早已忘記了大麻對人類和環境的好處,甚至被主流社會長期廣泛定義為非法并妖魔化的情況下,Jeffrey 承受并克服了許多人,尤其包括親人和朋友的批評和質疑, 他成為中國同齡人之中最活躍的工業大麻行業奉獻者,支持者和促進者。如今,作為工業/藥用大麻行業世界范圍內少數擁有中國背景的幾個人之一,Jeffrey 持續增進澳大利亞,中國以及世界工業大麻行業的交流,以促進大麻行業教育和創新, 并與更廣泛的國際社會建立架起溝通的橋梁,參與(國際)學術交流和優質大麻項目。同時,他還是一個獨具慧眼的新興行業風險投資人,擅長談判、業務規劃和開發、投資者關系、國際貿易業務和全球采購。Jeffrey 認為,大麻產業具有獨一無二的,改變和拯救地球的潛力和力量。他的目標和愿景是提高人們對這個復雜且快速增長行業的認識,并開發健康,優質和使環境可持續發展的工業大麻產品,在這一至關重要的時刻,保護我們珍貴的脆弱星球并同時造福社會。

    Daisy Xu
    Founder & CEO, InSight4 Analytica
    University of Queensland Alumna

    Daisy had her MBA with The University of Queensland. Her professional achievement has made her recognized as Distinguished Global Talent by Beijing Government of China. She also sits at the Technical Management Board of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), for international standards development and reviews in human resource management field.
    許女士是六點一刻創始人和析源數據科技CEO,創建了業內領先的組織健康和人效監測系統,通過人力資源數字化管理和智能決策體系,幫助企業快速診斷組織效率并建立管理提升路徑。創業前,許女士有超過15年的戰略咨詢和人力資源管理咨詢經驗,曾在全球頂尖的管理咨詢和市場研究公司任職,如美世咨詢(Mercer),Ipsos, 和TNS Global.
    許女士擁有澳大利亞昆士蘭大學MBA學位,2015年被評為北京市朝陽區首批認定國際高端商務人才;2020年入選中國貿促會行業委員會人力資源管理與人力資本評價標準化技術委員會(CCPITCSC/TC 6)專家委員,參與國際人力資本評價標準的制定和評審工作。

    Su Zhang
    CEO, Star Combo pharma
    University of Technology Sydney Alumna

    Su Zhang is not only a young and successful female CEO of an ASX-listed pharmaceutical manufacturing company (Star Combo Pharma), but she is also a qualified pharmacist.
    Su has over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and supplement sectors with previous roles at Terry White Chemist and Abbott Australia (as a Senior Drug Safety Associate and Asia Pacific Regional Manager)
    Under Su zhang’s leadership, Star Combo Pharma has experienced steady organic revenue growth and achieved important milestones including:
    Successfully listing the company on the ASX in 2018
    Recently completed a private placement of $33M – welcoming a large investment company as a strategic and significant shareholder
    Su was instrumental in securing the purchase of a new 20,000 square meter factory site where she will install 13 new production lines and a research and development centre – the aim of this deal is to ensure the company is able to expand their manufacturing capabilities to become Australia’s leading manufacturer in the health supplement space
    Su successfully led the application process for the company to become a TGA certified soft capsule manufacturer, resulting in Star Combo Pharma now having a full set of TGA certification qualifications including powder, liquid, soft capsule, hard capsule, and gummy vitamins
    Su set up a major partnership with Terry White Chemist, giving them exclusive rights to sell the companies ‘Living Healthy’ brand
    Su Zhang不僅是一位年輕并且成功的大型制藥上市企業(Star Combo Pharma)的女性首席執行官, 更是一名優秀的藥劑師。
    Su在醫藥保健領域擁有超過15年的經驗,曾在Terry White 藥房和雅培澳洲擔任資深藥物安全顧問和亞太區經理。
    在Su zhang的領導下,Star Combo Pharma經歷了穩定的內部收入增長,并取得了重要的里程碑,包括: 2018年成功在ASX上市
    Su成功領導了公司的TGA申請流程,成為TGA認證的軟膠囊制造商,到現在Star Combo Pharma擁有全套TGA認證資格,包括粉劑,液體,軟膠囊,硬膠囊和軟糖維生素
    Su與Terry White Chemist建立了重要的合作伙伴關系,達成了在澳洲450家藥房獨家銷售“ Living Healthy”品牌的合作協議。

    Congratulations to all finalists of 2020 Australia China Alumni Award for Enterpreneurship & Innovation.
    Please stay tuned for the finalists announcement, and more exciting news about the 2020 Australia China Alumni Awards!







    電話/傳真:0773 355 1033

    B2B銷售部:0773 355 0105

    B2C銷售部:159 0788 2327

    上海辦公室(銷售):021-6082 3060


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